S106 Disposals

We provide services to house builders to assist with the disposal of S106 affordable housing. Utilising our knowledge of the affordable housing sector, we are well placed to advise house builders as to how to secure best value for your S106 affordable housing on the best terms.

Our services include:


  • Providing guidance on affordable housing mix in order to maximise value
  • Advising on/negotiating the affordable element of S106 agreements
  • Working with the land team to provide budget prices for affordable units on land appraisals
  • Undertaking ’soft market testing’ on values in order to firm up land appraisal assumptions
  • Writing affordable housing statements to accompany a planning applications and/or a discharge of conditions

Marketing of affordable units

  • Identifying and advising on potential housing association purchasers
  • Assembling a bid pack for prospective purchasers
  • Marketing the units, inviting and collate offers along with details of terms and conditions.
  • Provide a full report on offer levels and terms, along with recommendations


  • Formalise heads of terms, in conjunction with the developer
  • Negotiating specifications and pricing for specification extras in consultation with technical/commercial teams
  • Instructing solicitors day-to day on the terms of the sale contract, under instruction from the developer.
S106 houses